West Bengal, Assam Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry exit polls; check who is leading where

There have been different exit polls for the assembly elections held in five states. According to the results of the exit poll, the Trinamool Congress is expected to form the government for the third time in West Bengal.

In Kerala, the ruling Left Front can occupy power and in Assam, the BJP can also win the victory this time.

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According to the exit poll, the DMK-led opposition alliance in Tamil Nadu may return, while the Congress-led coalition may lose in the neighboring state of Puducherry.

About West Bengal has been estimated almost the same. Elections were held in five states but all eyes are on West Bengal. 

Official results will be known only after counting of votes on May 2, but according to all exit polls so far, according to Mamata Banerjee, she is seen becoming the Chief Minister of West Bengal for the third time.

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According to ABP-CVoter, TMC can win 152 to 164 seats in West Bengal while BJP is estimated to get 109 to 121 seats.

According to Republic TV-CNX, BJP can get 128 to 138 seats in West Bengal while TMC account can go up to 128 to 148 seats.

According to CNN News 18 exit poll, TMC can form a government with a clear majority in Bengal by winning 162 seats. In all exit polls, the Congress and the Left Front coalition have been projected to get a maximum of 25 seats.

According to the Jan Poll Exit Poll, in West Bengal, BJP can form a government for the first time by winning 174 out of 294 seats. TMC has been projected to get 112 seats in this exit poll.

In Assam?

In almost all exit polls about Assam, BJP has been projected to retain power.

According to the exit poll of ABP-CVoter, in Assam, NDA can win 58 to 71 and Congress 53 to 66 seats.

According to the exit poll of India Today-Axis My India, BJP can win 75 to 85 seats and Congress can win 40 to 50 seats.

In Kerala?

The CPM government in Kerala can remain in power.

After every five years, the Congress and CPM governments had come and gone in Kerala for the past several times.

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According to an India Today-Axis My India exit poll, the CPM-led Left Democratic Front can win 104 to 120 seats, while the Congress-led UDF can win 20 to 36 seats.

At the same time, according to Republic TV-CNX, the LDF is expected to win 72-80 seats while the UDAF account can go from 58 to 64 seats.

According to exit poll of Republic TV-CNX, BJP alliance can win 74 to 84 seats and Congress alliance can win 40 to 50 seats.

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