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We are still in Panjshir says, Ahmad Massoud

We are still in Panjshir says, Ahmad Massoud

Ground Report | New Delhi: We are still in Panjshir; Ahmad Massoud, a prominent leader of the anti-Taliban faction National Resistance Front (NRF), has called for a ‘national insurgency’ against the Taliban in an audio message released on social media. “We are in Panjshir and our protest will continue,” he said on social media.

Massoud posted a nearly seven-minute audio message on Facebook a while back, writing, “The strength is this – fighting for your religion, your honour, and your country. There is nothing more honorable than this. “From Balkh Le to Panjshir, my family is raising their voice. The Taliban have gone out to kill our families. They are going to every door in Panjshir.”

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He said Taliban fighters are attacking NRF people ignoring the appeals of the clerics. Massoud also told that some members of his own family were murdered on Sunday.

In this recording, Massoud blamed the international community for legitimizing the Taliban as well as providing them military and political support. He said that the resistance force is still present in Panjshir and will continue its fight. At the same time, the Taliban claim that they have also captured Panjshir. Even ready to stop fighting when the attack stops.

We are still in Panjshir

Earlier, Massoud had said that he supported a plan put forward by religious leaders which is for a settlement. Massoud asked the Taliban to end the conflict.

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In a Facebook post, Massoud said he was ready to stop fighting if the Taliban stopped the attacks. Massoud, 32, studied at King’s College in London and is a graduate of the Sandhurst Military Academy.

Massoud’s father Ahmed Shah Massoud was known as ‘Panjshir ka Sher’. He opposed the Soviet attack in 1980 and took on the Taliban in 1990. He was assassinated at the age of 48, just two days before the terrorist attack on America in 2001.

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