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Home » Watch: 19-year-old Srinagar boy playing rabab has become Viral on internet

Watch: 19-year-old Srinagar boy playing rabab has become Viral on internet

Sufiyan Malik, 19 years old from Kashmir, is dominated on social media. The reason for his fame is also very special.

Sufiyan shot a 43-second video in a mobile phone amid heavy snowfall and then shared it on social media. After which his video went viral and more than 44 thousand people have watched it so far.

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He is most noted for the song “The Cure”, which was the only entry from India into HBO’s Game of Thrones Fan Anthem. He was awarded by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir on the Republic Day of 2020 in the field of performing arts. 

The Cure, composed by Sufiyan Malik, an 18-year-old musician from Kashmir. Malik, who plays the rabab, teamed up with pianist Hujat Kirmani and Zakir Bakshi, who plays the guitar and another traditional instrument, the no’t, to create an instrumental tribute to the show.

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Rabab, a word derived from spirit, while on the other hand ‘bab’ is an expression to tell something. By the way, many variants of Rabab have been seen in Central Asia. But, centuries ago, Rabab arrived in Kashmir from Afghanistan. Talking about Afghani Rabab, it has seven strings, while Kashmiri Rabab has 22 strings.

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The rubab is attested from the 7th century CE. It is mentioned in old Persian books, and many Sufi poets mention it in their poems. It is the traditional instrument of Khorasan.

The rubab is a short-necked lute whose body is carved out of a single piece of wood. The instrument is made from the trunk of a mulberry tree, the head from an animal skin such as goat, and the strings are either gut (from the intestines of young goats) or nylon.

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