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Who is traveller Oli Barrett shared his experience about toilets in Indian railways?

British vlogger Oli Barrett's video on Indian railway toilets sparks outrage and debate on social media, highlighting the need for improvement

By Ground report
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Who is traveller Oli Barrett shared his experience about toilets in Indian railways?

Photo credit: Screengrab/traveller Oli Barrett

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British traveller and vlogger Oli Barrett, known for his authentic travel vlogs, went viral for sharing his experience about the deplorable condition of toilets on Indian railways in one of his recent YouTube videos.

In the video filmed during his journey on the Rajdhani Express train, Barrett leans out of the train's doorway, gasping for fresh air to escape the putrid smell from the on-board toilets. "I can't lie, inside the train smells terrible – like century-old urine," he exclaims.

Barrett, hesitant to use the toilets due to the overwhelming stench, remarked, "I wanna go into the toilet, show you what it's like, but the smell is so pungent. Even from this door, with the fresh air wafting past my face, the smell is so pungent, I'm not sure I can bear it."

The vlogger's candid narration has sparked outrage among Indian citizens and railway authorities. Some applauded his honesty, while others expressed embarrassment over the state of public amenities.

His candid depiction ignited outrage among Indian citizens and railway authorities. This prompted discussions on social media platforms like Twitter.

Twitter user Manu🇮🇳🇮🇳 @mshahi0024 expressed concern, tagging Railway Minister @AshwiniVaishnaw and highlighting the embarrassment caused by the unsanitary conditions in reaction to Barrett's video.

Another user, Ask1RightQ Commentary @AskQ2Govt, emphasized the dire state of the Rajdhani and local trains, urging for improvements. Shweta 🇮🇳 @ShwetaIndia1 lamented the international embarrassment caused by the situation.

RJS @rjsaulakh pointed out the role of passengers in reporting issues through @RailMadad, emphasizing the need for citizen engagement. Meanwhile, Jayant Surana | Jain @JayInThoughts advocated for increased train frequency and improved services. However, Vignesh Narayanan @nvikkyy25 stressed individual responsibility for cleanliness, sparking a debate with Manu🇮🇳🇮🇳 @mshahi0024 about accountability and maintenance standards.

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