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Who is Daksh Chaudhary: 'Gau Rakshak' Who Slapped Kanhaiya Kumar in Delhi

Kanhaiya Kumar, Congress candidate from Northeast Delhi, was assaulted while campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections. Videos circulating on social media capture the incident, showing a man in a black shirt approaching Kumar with a garland and rose petals

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Who is Daksh Chaudhary Gau Rakshak Who Slapped Kanhaiya Kumar in Delhi

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Kanhaiya Kumar, the Congress candidate from Northeast Delhi, was assaulted on Friday while campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections. Videos circulating on social media capture the incident, showing a man in a black shirt approaching Kumar with a garland and rose petals, seemingly in support. However, as he reached Kumar, he threw ink on him while another individual slapped the Congress candidate.

In the viral video, someone is heard saying, "Kanhaiya pitne waala hai" (Kanhaiya is going to be thrashed). Immediately after this, a young man in a black T-shirt, holding a garland, reaches Kumar and suddenly slaps him in the face. Following the attack, the perpetrators released a video on social media claiming responsibility, stating, "We have taught him a lesson."

Several Congress leaders have posted photos on social media that allegedly show at least one of Kanhaiya Kumar's attackers sharing a stage with Bharatiya Janata Party leader and Northeast Delhi’s sitting MP, Manoj Tiwari. Tiwari’s office, however, has denied any connection to the accused, according to The Indian Express.

The assault occurred when Kumar was leaving the Aam Aadmi Party office in New Usmanpur, accompanied by councillor Chhaya Sharma and other party workers. The Aam Aadmi Party and the Congress are contesting the Lok Sabha elections in alliance in Delhi.

Meanwhile, two of the alleged attackers posted a video on social media, claiming they assaulted Kumar because he allegedly made derogatory remarks against the Indian Army and advocated for the disintegration of the country. They identified themselves as "Sanatani lions," a term some use synonymously with Hinduism.

A case has been registered following a complaint filed by Sharma. “When I rushed to protect Kanhaiya, they manhandled me and threatened to kill me and my husband,” she alleged, as reported by The Indian Express. 

Kumar’s office has accused Tiwari of orchestrating the assault due to the "huge public support Kanhaiya is getting and fear of defeat." “This is an attempt to attack Kanhaiya by sending his fellow goons,” stated Kumar's office. “The answer to violence will be given by the people on May 25.”

Who Is Attacker Daksh Chaudhary?

The main attacker, identified as Daksh Chaudhary, calls himself a Hindu Raksha Dal official and a staunch 'Gau Rakshak'. Numerous photos of him have gone viral on social media, showing him with weapons and sometimes with BJP leaders.

Chaudhary, along with an accomplice, posted a video boasting about their actions. In the video, Chaudhary stated, "We responded to Kanhaiya Kumar, who chanted slogans like 'India will be divided' and 'Afzal, we are ashamed, your killers are alive,' by slapping him." He further proclaimed, "No one can divide India as long as people like us are alive." His accomplice added, "We will not let him enter Delhi. He defames Indian soldiers by calling them rapists." The video concludes with both men chanting slogans such as "Bharat Mata Ki Jai," "Indian Army Zindabad," "Gaumata Ki Jai," and "Jai Shri Ram."

Daksh has a history of legal issues. He was previously accused of inciting communal tension by entering a mosque wearing footwear. In February, he was arrested by Ghaziabad Police for conspiring to disrupt the peace at a mosque. An FIR was registered against him by DCP Trans Hindon Commissionerate Ghaziabad under IPC sections 151A, 295, 295A, 323, 504, and 506. Additionally, Chaudhary was seen with BJP MP Manoj Tiwari in one of the viral pictures, raising suspicions about Tiwari's potential involvement in the attack on Kanhaiya Kumar.

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