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Video of Crocodile came out of water in Naraura is viral on the Internet

A 10-foot-long crocodile caused panic in Bulandshahr by emerging from the Ganga canal near Narora Ghat. Swift rescue efforts ensued as it attempted to return to the water

By Ground report
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Video of Crocodile came out of water in Naraura is viral on the Internet

Photo credit: X video/Sachin Gupta

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A 10-foot-long crocodile shocked Bulandshahr when it crawled out of the Ganga canal near Narora Ghat.

The huge reptile, which seemed out of place, was seen trying to jump into the River Ganga below the Narora Barrage. However, the crocodile's efforts to climb over the fence were unsuccessful.

The crocodile's arrival on land caused panic. Locals alerted authorities and videos spread rapidly on social media.

In the viral footage, a large crocodile frantically tries to climb over an iron railing near the canal to return to the water. When it fails, the reptile lands on the ground and tries to scurry away.

The local police and forest department officials swiftly arrived to initiate a daring rescue operation upon receiving the distress calls. As they approached the crocodile, it became increasingly agitated, prompting them to cover its head with a cloth to prevent potential attacks.

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