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Home ยป Viral Video: Fearless girl shouting at team India to support farmers

Viral Video: Fearless girl shouting at team India to support farmers

Fearless girl shouting at team India to support farmers

Ground Report | New Delhi: Fearless girl at team India; shouting Farmers’ protests in India have attracted attention and support not only from across the country but also at the international level. A young girl shouts at Indian cricketers for standing up for Indian farmers.

Fearless girl at team India

A fan can be seen asking India captain Virat Kohli to speak for the farmers. In the video, she can be heard saying, “Support the farmers of India, you are a piece of toilet paper.” “Kisan Ekta Zindabad (Long live farmer unity),” she adds.

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It is not clear whether Kohli was able to hear the woman from the stands. But the video of the woman shouting at Kohli is going viral on social media.

Earlier, The Indian cricket team took a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement ahead of the T20 World Cup match against Pakistan on 25 October.

Twitter user wrote “Wow !! she is brave than most of us. Not sure if it’s another propaganda. But she has a voice…she is some lady to become if guided. Speaking for farmers hope her parents aren’t not putting into her brain and the child learning by herself of course.”

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Another user wrote “Actually if Govt is so evil, farmers should demand that Modi Govt gets out of their lives and lets them sell to whosoever they want. Try it!! (Indian Govt is buying so much wheat that for 18 months it is being given free to 800M people and still no place to stock)”

“Great to see the little girl advocating farmers’ cause to the little concerned Indian cricket team is sheer eye opening of the insensitivity the affluent sportsmen display under sheer fear for Govt or own indifference” another user tweeted.

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