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Viral video: 2 boys seen kissing on moving scooter in UP

Viral video: 2 boys seen kissing on moving scooter in UP

A viral video circulating on social networks has drawn significant attention. In the footage, two young men can be seen kissing while riding a moving scooter, with a third individual driving. The incident occurred in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, and was captured by a motorist using his mobile phone camera.

The video quickly went viral, sparking a number of reactions from netizens. Many expressed surprise and shock, commenting on the public display of affection and the fact that there were three people on the scooter. Speculations have also arisen about the sexual orientation of the two involved.

Rampur Police have become aware of the video and are actively searching for the youths. Since the vehicle’s license plate is not clearly visible on the video, authorities rely on security camera footage to identify and locate them. Police have ensured that appropriate action will be taken against the individuals once they are identified.

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This incident is part of a growing trend where videos of couples engaging in romantic or intimate acts in public places are widely shared on social media platforms. The viral nature of these videos raised concerns and sparked debates about appropriate behavior in public spaces.

A user wrote “Jab tak azam khan rampur ke MLA they tab tak aisa kuch nahi jaise hi bjp ka MLA bna ye sab start ho gaya shameful”

Another user commented “Achcha hua humne data Dala liya apne phone mein nahin to ham yah kalyug ka najara dekh hi Na paate 🤣”

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