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Violence Over Anti-Cow Slaughter Bill in Karnataka Legislative Assembly

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By Sharad Panwar
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Violent visuals came out of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly on Tuesday. In the footage, The Congress MLCs can be seen shoving the Deputy Chairman, SL Dharme Gowda, from his place using excessive coercion.

Congress MLCs believed that Gowda was holding the seat of Deputy Chairman unconstitutionally. The brawl led to the sine-die adjournment of the Assembly.

"The BJP and JDS made the Deputy Chairman sit in the Chair illegally when the house was not in order. They didn't wait for the Chairman to come. He was waiting for the bell to stop. Unfortunately, the BJP is doing such unconstitutional things. We protested that. Congress asked him to get down from the Chair. We had to evict him as it was an illegal sitting." said Prakash Rathod, a Congress party MLC to ANI.

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What influenced this mayhem?

There was one reason cited, but several believe there is more to it, and that the Congress party had ulterior motives to do so.

The primus reason told was that BJP and JDs wanted a no-confidence motion against the Chairman, K Pratapchandra Shetty.

The Karnataka Legislative Council was called for a day-long session December 15. the BJP argued that Shetty had no claim to preside over the proceedings as a no-confidence motion facing him was in process. Ergo, the BJP wanted the deputy Chairman to take charge, which the Congress MLCs rejected.

Lehar Singh Siroya in an appearance to ANI told that "Few MLCs behaved like goons by forcibly removing the Vice-Chairman of the Legislative council from the Chair, and misbehaving with him. We have never seen such a shameful day in our council's history. I am ashamed about what the public might be thinking about us."

One fallout of the mayhem was the holding up of the anti-cow slaughter bill. The BJP seemed in a hurry to table the anti-cow slaughter bill, as the party was uncertain that it could be referred to the Select Committee.

At the legislative council, BJP has 31 MLCs and the support of an independent MLC. The Congress has 29 MLCs while the JDS has 14 MLCs.

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