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Home » Video: Sidhu Moosewala’s murderers waving guns, celebrating in car

Video: Sidhu Moosewala’s murderers waving guns, celebrating in car

Video: Sidhu Moosewala's murderers waving guns, celebrating in car

A video of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala’s killers brandishing their weapons and celebrating inside a car has gone viral hours after four defendants were arrested in the high-profile murder. Police made several arrests in the case, after which a video of the killers apparently celebrating the rapper’s murder appeared on the news and social media, leading to demands for strict punishment against the killers.

The alleged video shows five men in a car flaunting their weapons, celebrating Moosewala’s murder. A Punjabi song can also be heard in the background of the video. There are five men in the car, as it appears, and they are all seen waving their guns.

It was previously revealed that the youngest involved in the murder of the singer-turned-leader of Congress was just 18 years old. He had fired six shots from the closest range, police said. He is also a member of Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang.

Moosewala was shot dead on May 29 by unidentified assailants in Punjab’s Mansa district, a day after the state government reduced its security coverage. His cousin and a friend of his, who was travelling in a jeep with him, were also injured in the attack.

Three of the accused, including Fauzi, were arrested on June 19 in Kutch, Gujarat. Police had initially said that Fauzi was the main shooter and executioner of the murder.

However, Delhi police arrested Ankit Sirsha on Sunday from the capital and authorities now say it was 18-year-old Sirsha, the youngest accused of the crime, who came closest to Moosewala and fired six shots. Sirsha’s associate Sachin Virmani was also arrested, NDTV reported. Sirsha allegedly shot Moosewala six times.

An investigation of 18-year-old Sirsha’s phone revealed two disturbing videos of him with the four other defendants, celebrating the rapper’s murder while brandishing guns and listening to loud Punjabi music inside a car. The video was posted on Sirsha’s now-deleted Instagram account. In the video, Shirsha can be seen with Fauzi, Virmani and others.

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