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Video Showing 6-Year-Old Boy Pushing Stretcher In Deoria Hospital Goes Viral

A video showing a 6-year-old boy pushing stretcher in a Deoria district hospital has gone viral on the internet.

By shiwangi64
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Video Showing 6-Year-Old Boy Pushing Stretcher In Deoria Hospital Goes Viral

A video showing a 6-year-old boy pushing stretcher in a Deoria district hospital has gone viral. In the video, the boy along with his mother is seen pushing his grandfather’s stretcher from one ward to another in the hospital.

When asked by media, boy’s mother, Bindu told that the hospital staff demanded Rs. 30 for every trip of the service. And as she refused to pay the bribe, Bindu had to push the stretcher herself along with his son, Shivam.

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The 8 seconds video caught the attention of the Deoria District Magistrate Amit Kishore. He then visited the hospital himself on Monday and ordered an inquiry into the incident. The ward boy who was the real culprit in the episode was later removed from the hospital by the Chief Medical Officer.

The 6-year-old boy, Shivam, was pushing his grandfather Chedi Yadav on stretcher. Yadav, who comes from Gaura village, was admitted to the surgical ward of the hospital after getting injured.

When asked about the probe, the District Magistrate told the media that “Chedi Yadav of Barhaj is admitted to the surgical ward of the district hospital and his wife Parvati is also very weak as she fainted. The viral video is a 2-day-old and prima facie, the ward boy has been found guilty. He has been removed by the Chief Medical Officer”.

Collapsing Health Facilities in the Country

The video from Uttar Pardesh highlighted the crippling condition of medical facilities in the state.

A few days ago, a video from Bihar had also gathered attention for the pathetic situation of Covid patients in PMCH hospital. In the video, we could see patients lying next to corpses in the same ward. Also, non-functioning life-supporting machines were attached to patients. These pictures and videos coming directly from the people depict the grim state of affairs in the health sector of India.

Pandemic Puts Children At Risk

The video of a 6-year-old boy pushing stretcher brings to the core, the risks children are facing today. The striking of a pandemic has had the worst impact on children.

  • Migrant Crisis: Children who were forced to walk back to their villages with their parents had to face the harsh side of life. Without food or water, they walked for thousands of kilometres. Many even got orphaned as their parents died in accidents. A video showing a toddler trying to wake up his dead mother on railway station also garnered attention from the whole country.
  • Education: The online mode of education has affected the mental health of children. Recently, a class 9 girl from Kerala committed suicide as she had no access to online classes. A similar story came from Howrah as well.
  • Vaccination: As many government and private hospitals started treating only Covid patients, many children were unable to get their due vaccination. According to the UN, as many as 117 million children in 37 countries could miss out on receiving measles vaccine this year. Similarly, many immunization programmes across various countries are at hold due to the pandemic.

India at present is doing well in dealing with the pandemic. However, we need to be extra cautious with children as we cannot put their future at stake.

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Written By Shiwangi, She is doing her Masters in Mass Communication from GGS IP University, New Delhi.

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