Video of IIT Kharagpur professor ‘abuses’ students in online classroom

A case of misbehavior of SC, SC and ST students has been reported by an associate professor of Indian Institute of Technology IIT Kharagpur. The video is going viral on social media.

In the viral video on Social media, the professor Seema Singh was seen screaming and calling the students of a preparatory class, ‘shameless’ and “bloody b*^#@$%.

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Physically challenged students were also present in the online class. since this incident, there has been a demand that the professor be dismissed from the college.

“This [standing up for the national anthem] is the bare minimum you can do for the country. You have to stand for two minutes in the honour of the national anthem…you can do it…this is also on your parents…do you have any shame, you shameless creatures of prep course?,” Professor Seema Singh, can be heard screaming as she threatens to give zeroes as scores for all the 128 students in the class.

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According to media reports, an anonymous group of students posted anonymously on social media on sunday afternoon. The clip is of online preparatory classes taught by professor seema singh of english from the department of human and social sciences.

It was attended by many students and parents, during this time the professor can be heard repeatedly abusing him. According to IIT Kharagpur registrar Tamal Nath, the institute is reviewing the veracity of the video.

He said that the teacher gave racist abuses, after which the students’ union demanded action.

Seema Singh is Associate Professor in the Humanities Department of Kharagpur IIT and she takes classes of students who are physical disability and reserved classes.

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People from different professions shared this video, one of them being the eminent sociologist Suryakant Waghmore. He tweeted, “Teachers should be more sensitive to students during this transition and apply general meditation concepts.” As a professor, I am ashamed to see the use of the word ‘bloody or e’ for the students of an English professor at IIT Kharagpur. ”

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