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Venkaiah Naidu gets emotional in Rajya Sabha over uproar

Venkaiah Naidu

Ground Report | New Delhi: Venkaiah Naidu; Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu became emotional and slit his throat while talking about the uproar by opposition MPs in the House. He said that on Tuesday some members of the House sat on the table and some climbed on the table after which all the sanctity of the House was destroyed. The proceedings of the Rajya Sabha were thereafter adjourned till 12 o’clock.

On Wednesday, once again in the Lok Sabha, the house was adjourned sine die amidst uproar by the opposition. The monsoon session was to end on July 13. This is the last week of the monsoon session and the opposition is unitedly demanding a discussion on various issues. These range from alleged spying of his opponents and critics through the Israeli spyware Pegasus to issues such as agricultural laws and oil prices.

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The monsoon session of Parliament began on July 19, but on the first day of this session, there was a ruckus in both the houses when opposition MPs stopped Prime Minister Modi from introducing the new ministers to the house. Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu on 30 July also expressed deep concern over the behavior of some MPs protesting the Pegasus issue in the House, saying that it has brought down the dignity and prestige of the House.

He said in the House, “I was told that some members are whistling in the House. They are (probably) whistling because of their old habit. But this is the House.” “At the same time some members are putting their hands on the shoulders of the marshals. I don’t know why they did this. And some raised placards in front of the ministers and were not allowing them to see.”

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Venkaiah Naidu said in a tone of warning, “Patience also has a limit and we should not let the patience of the House run out.” He said, “There are only two ways to deal with this – either ignore it and let the House become a market. Everyone keeps blowing his whistle… and second – action is taken.”

Appealing to the members to maintain decency, Venkaiah said, “All these things have brought down the prestige of the House further. I am very worried about it.” Saying that he was sorry that he had to say this from Asan, he said, “I never thought that my members would go to this level.”

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