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Vaccinating people only long-term solution to Covid crisis in India: Fauci

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America’s top health expert Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that vaccinating people is the only long-term solution to overcome the current crisis of covid-19 in India.

He has emphasized on increasing the production of anti-kovid vaccines domestically and internationally to deal with this deadly epidemic.

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In an interview to ABC News, US President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser Anthony Fauchi said, “People should be vaccinated to completely end the epidemic.” India is the world’s largest vaccine producer. They are getting their resources, not only from within, but also from outside. ”

He said, “This is the reason why other countries should either help India to manufacture vaccines at their place or donate vaccines.”

In response to a question, Dr. Fauci said that India urgently needs to build a temporary hospital, just like China did about a year ago.

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He said, “You have to do it.” You cannot leave people in the streets when there is no bed in the hospital. Oxygen conditions are extremely critical. I mean it is really sad for people not to get oxygen. ”

Fauci said that there are immediate problems with hospital beds, oxygen, PPE kits and other medical supplies.

Dr. Fauci also stressed the need for nationwide lockdown to stop the spread of the virus some time ago.

At present, the total number of active cases of corona has increased to about 37.5 million.

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According to data collected by Johns Hopkins University, around 3.3 million people worldwide have died from covid-19. 

Most of them – about five lakh 82 thousand people have died in America, four lakh 22 thousand people have died in Brazil and two lakh 42 thousand people in India.

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After America, India has reported the highest number of corona infections.

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