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Uttar Pradesh minister calls ‘burqa’ a bad practice

Anand Swaroop Shukla, a minister in the Uttar Pradesh government, has said that wearing a burqa should also be stopped as soon as the triple talaq is over.

After objecting to ‘Ajan’, Uttar Pradesh Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anand Swaroop Shukla has now given a statement regarding the burqa. He has said that Muslim women will be ‘liberated’ from the practice of wearing ‘burqa’. Not only this, the minister termed it as a bad practice and compared it to the banned three divorce practices.

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A day earlier, the Minister wrote a letter to the District Magistrate of Ballia complaining that he was facing difficulties in discharging his duties due to loudspeakers installed in mosques. Also said that according to the orders of the court, the limit of voice should be fixed.

Shukla told reporters, “Muslim women will also be freed from ‘burqa’ like triple talaq. There will come a time when they will get rid of it too. There are many Muslim countries where ‘burqa’ is banned.” The burqa is an ‘inhumane and evil custom’ and people with progressive thinking are stopping using it. “

On his letter to the District Magistrate complaining about the volume of loudspeakers of the mosques, he said that those who have such a problem should call ‘112’ and inform the police about it. If appropriate steps are not taken on this, then he will decide further action. 

Shukla had said in the letter about his constituency Kazipura Medina Mosque, “Namaz is offered 5 times a day. Due to this, I faced problems in performing yoga, meditation, puja (worship) and government duties.”

Last year, another minister of the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath government, Raghuraj Singh, demanded a ban on the burqa. He appealed to the government to stop “this practice from Arab countries” and said that “many terrorists enter the country wearing burqas”.

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What is Burqa?

The term burqa is sometimes conflated with niqāb. In more precise usage, niqab is a face veil that leaves the eyes uncovered, while a burqa covers the entire body from the top of the head to the ground, with only a mesh screen allowing the wearer to see in front of her.

The burqa is also not to be confused with the hijab, a garment which covers the hair, neck and all or part of the chest, but not the face.

The burqa and other types of face veils have been attested since pre-Islamic times. Face veiling has not been regarded as a religious requirement by most Islamic scholars, past or present.

However, some scholars, especially those belonging to the Salafi movement, view it as obligatory for women in the presence of non-related (mahram) males.

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These nations introduced ban of burqa

The following nations have introduced full or partial ban of the burqa: Austria, France, Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria, the Netherlands (in public schools, hospitals and on public transport), Germany (partial bans in some states), Italy (in some localities), Spain (in some localities of Catalonia), Russia (in the Stavropol Krai), Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway (in nurseries, public schools and universities), Canada (in the public workplace in Quebec), Gabon, Chad, Senegal.

The Republic of the Congo, Cameroon (in some localities), Niger (in some localities), Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan (ban on all personal religious symbols), Azerbaijan (in public schools), Turkey (in the judiciary, military and police), Kosovo (in public schools), Bosnia and Herzegovina (in courts and other legal institutions), Morocco (ban on manufacturing, marketing and sale), Tunisia (in public institutions), Algeria (in the public workplace), and China (in Xinjiang).

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