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US Navy expedition was in line with international laws: Pentagon

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The US Defense Ministry Pentagon has said that its Navy’s operations in India’s exclusive economic zone are in line with international laws.

This week, India had lodged a protest against the US naval ship John Paul Jones passing through the Exclusive Economic Zone near Lakshadweep without permission.

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Pentagon spokesman John Kirby responded by saying, “US Navy ship John Paul Jones campaigned normally near the Maldives and was part of its ‘Freedom of Navigation’.”

Kirby said that this is in line with international law and the US will uphold its rights as well as responsibility.

At the same time, India believes that under the UN agreement on maritime law, other countries do not have the right to conduct military exercises in their special economic zone without the permission of any coastal country and especially the use of weapons and explosives.

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On the other hand, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters, “I can say that the naval destroyer USS John Paul Jones used its navigational rights and freedom while passing through non-destructive normal operations in the maritime area near the Republic of Maldives.” did.

In such a situation, he operated in his Exclusive Economic Zone without prior permission.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of External Affairs on Friday made a statement clear that the Government of India’s view is clear that the United Nations Convention does not allow military exercises and movement in the Special Economic Zone without prior permission to the other country.

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Not only this, no such activity can be done without prior permission from the concerned coastal country. It may be known that some time ago, the US Navy did a similar action in the sea area of ​​Japan.

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