US imposed ban on travel from India from May 4, these are the rules

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In view of the increasing cases of Covid virus in India, the US has decided to ban travel from India from May 4.

Corona cases are continuously increasing in India and more than four lakh cases have been reported in a single day.

Here, corona infection has been found in more than one million people in the last one week. So far, a total of 1,91,63,488 cases of corona virus have been reported in India and 2,11,778 deaths have been reported.

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The increase in the number of corona cases in India has increased due to the relaxation of the restrictions imposed by the government on the corona, the time taken for vaccination of the entire population and the introduction of new variants of the virus.

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Currently, the US has decided to ban travel from India, important information related to this is as follows.

When will the travel ban start

The travel ban will start from May 4. Those who will be given exemption will be allowed to go to America even after the ban. The travel ban is currently on indefinitely until US President Joe Biden decides to remove it.

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Exemption from travel ban

Some people have been exempted from this travel ban, including US citizens or permanent residents and their spouses.

According to the US administration, some more people are also placed in the category of exceptions such as human rights activists or researchers and health workers whose work is directly related to the corona virus.

Other travelers who have been in India for 14 days before coming to America will also have a travel ban.

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Rules for those who reach America

Those who are exempted from the travel ban will have to follow other US regulations set for international travelers.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it is mandatory for every traveler coming to India from India to show a negative report of corona virus.

This report should not be more than three days before reaching America. Whether you have got the vaccine or not, it will not matter.

Passengers will have to undergo another test three to five days after reaching America and will have to quarantine themselves.

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Indo-US flights

Only United Airlines Holdings Inc and Air India are providing nonstop flights between the US and India.

According to the flight statistics website Cerium, United Airlines is flying four flights between the two countries every day. Air India has three or six flights every day in April.

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