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US election: States where situation is still unclear

In the United States, voters decide at the state level and then the president of the country decides by collecting the votes of the electoral colleges of those states.

The results of all the states in this election have not yet come out and the voting trends are not clear to predict who will win.

President Trump is expected to win from the major states of Florida, Ohio and Texas, but he still needs to win in many more states to become president for the second time.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden has many options open to him, but his victory is not certain.

Which are the states whose results are yet to be announced?

Arizona: Traditionally a Republican state where this time it’s a fork fight. So far, 86 percent of the vote has been counted and Joe Biden is ahead. Several US broadcasters have announced Biden’s chances of winning, but the BBC has yet to do so.

Georgia: Another state that traditionally favors the Republican Party, but this time there is a tough fight. So far, President Trump has a slight lead here. But votes are being counted in Atlanta and surrounding areas of the state, where the Democratic Party’s support is considered high.

North Carolina: 95 percent of the vote has been counted here and President Trump has a slight lead here.

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Nevada: Here, Biden is facing tougher competition than expected. The vote count continues and they have a very small lead.

Wisconsin: President Trump won from here in 2016, but for two decades before that, the state has been voting for the Democratic Party. Almost all of the votes have been counted here, and Joe Biden has a slight lead, but President Trump supporters have said they want a recount.

Michigan: Here, too, Biden has a slight lead, but some pro-Democratic constituencies, such as Detroit, have yet to be counted.

Pennsylvania: It is the leading state in the presidential election with 20 electoral votes. Here the president has a significant advantage. However, a large number of postal votes remain to be counted and the final result is not expected until Friday. In this state too, there is talk of legal action by the Republican Party.

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