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UPSEE exam 2020: Semester examinations begin from this date

The Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination (UPSEE) Semester examinations will begin on September 25 in polytechnic colleges of the state. About 70 thousand candidates from 50 government and 19 aided institutions will be involved. For the first time online question papers will be sent to the centers. Secretary of the Council of Technical Education, RK Singh said that there will be an attempt to end the exam with imitation and social distancing.

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According to the officials of the Quarantine Department, in the examination, students with positive and high temperature will be seated in different rooms. Two rooms will be reserved for each institute. Their copies will be sealed from infected students only. After this, the student will put them in a packet and seal it as described. Once sealed, that packet will be re-sanitized. These packets will be kept quarantine separately from other students’ copies for the next 20 days.

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The scanner will check the copy after 20 days of quarantine, the packet will be re-sanitized and opened. These copies will be checked with a scanner. After this, their result will be made.

However this arrangement is being made to prevent infection. Infected students will be able to take the exam. “A list of students infected from all institutions has been called” said Manoj Kumar, Director Technical Education.

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