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Uplive: Optimizing the Live Social Experience

The next level in the live social industry is here, and users will enjoy the benefits. Asia Innovation Group’s (AIG) Uplive

By Ground report
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Uplive: Optimizing the Live Social Experience

The next level in the live social industry is here, and users will enjoy the benefits. Asia Innovation Group’s (AIG) Uplive makes authentic human connection possible across borders and languages through innovative technology that fosters interaction and engagement. With over 230 million users from more than 150 regions, Uplive is the world’s largest independent social video entertainment platform. 

Uplive’s popularity reflects how its innovative features create an optimal user experience. 

Uplive is unique in offering a complete portfolio of live social features, from virtual gifting and an interactive game center to video and voice social, one-on-one video battles, and real-time translation. The app also offers a variety of fun and unique ways to build and maintain communities in real-time, making Uplive a premiere application for international connections to form. 

Uplive enables cross-border friendships through its cutting-edge translation technology; it was the world’s first real-time voice-based translation service. Recognizing the unique role language plays in bringing people together, it provides real-time translation that allows people to connect across languages and cultures. In partnership with Google, Uplive provides live speech-to-text and text-to-text translation for over 100 languages. 

The app’s innovative translation technology that lets people talk with each other across language barriers, and the multi-user live streaming enables people across the world to connect as if in the same room. The video and voice social sections on Uplive allow up to nine users to stream together in a single window. This collaborative streaming lets users chat, play together, and even co-host a live virtual event, all on a single platform. 

Uplive incorporates a variety of features that strengthens engagement. It is the first app to provide HTML games directly within the app, enabling users to play mini games like Love Farm directly with their fellow streamers. In-app challenges and campaigns also allow users to complete rewarding missions while earning exquisite gift packages. In addition, Uplive also offers a mechanism for users to send 3D, interactive, and visual gifts to their favorite streamers. The reach of gifts on Uplive is also a testament to the global connections formed on the platform: half of all virtual gifting interactions on Uplive are between users of different countries.

These innovations and more highlight why in 2019, Twitter recognized Uplive as one of the most influential international brands. Since then, Uplive’s community of registered users has grown by 90%, from 121 million at the end of 2019 to 230 million by June 2021. The app has also seen record growth in streaming users, increasing 100% from 9.5 million streamers at the end of 2019 to 19 million in June 2021. 

Its rapid global growth reflects the appeal of a video social app that allows hosts to broadcast live to followers across the world in real-time. Uplive enables the gig economy to thrive in communities worldwide as it gives streamers a platform to earn a meaningful income from their home, using only a smartphone. This has been particularly helpful to many whose livelihoods were paused or diminished during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Uplive is committed to empowering its global streaming community; it provides local training for streamers, enabling them to reach new heights in their careers. Beyond pioneering innovations in the live social industry, Uplive is passionate about enhancing the lives of individuals. 

As Uplive approaches its fifth anniversary, the global impact of Uplive in transforming the way people connect digitally is more apparent than ever. Through its state-of-the art features, Uplive enables people across the world to connect personally and in real time, empowering people to dismantle cultural barriers. In the past five years, Uplive has connected over 230 million people worldwide to forge impactful friendships and connect to loved ones. Since 2016, Uplive has trailblazed live social networking in emerging markets, providing previously untapped regions one of the most innovative streaming outlets on the market. As Uplive looks to the future, it remains committed to bringing together people across the world and inspiring the next generation of streamers to make their passion a career.

AIG exists to enrich people’s lives worldwide through innovative and enjoyable live social products, which foster meaningful human connection. As AIG’s flagship product, Uplive is continuously innovating to give its global user base new ways to create, share, and connect in real time, even across borders and languages. The Uplive team works tirelessly to continually enhance the live social experience, which users can enjoy from anywhere in the world.

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