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Who were Atiq Ahmed’s shooters? Names released

UP Police reveal photos of Atiq Ahmed's shooters

Uttar Pradesh Police has released initial images of the three shooters who murdered former gangster-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf Ahmed on Saturday night.

Lavlesh Tiwari (22) and Mohit aka Sunny Singh (23) had previously been jailed while Arun Maurya (18) had no criminal record, according to authorities. The trio were remitted to 14 days of judicial detention.

After being detained by the UP police, the three shooters revealed their intentions to become popular gangsters by killing Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf. They had been planning the attack ever since they found out about the duo’s pretrial detention and had disguised themselves as media journalists to carry out the attack.

A police officer suffered minor injuries during the incident and the shooters were immediately detained. The UP Police have presented an FIR in this regard.

As per the FIR, UP Police indicates that during the interaction with the media, one of the attackers posed as a journalist and was holding a microphone and a camera.

As soon as Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf started talking, the shooter dropped his microphone and camera and drew a pistol to shoot them. Crossfire ensued and one of the officers, Mann Singh, was shot in the hand. One of the attackers was also shot in the crossfire with his accomplice.

Lavlesh Tiwari

Lavlesh Tiwari, who has been identified as one of the shooters involved in the murder of mobster-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf Ahmed, had attempted to erase his first-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) course from a private university in Lucknow but failed.

On his Facebook profile, he identified himself as the district co-security head of the Bajrang Dal, a right-wing group, but the group has denied any links to him. Lavlesh had been jailed in the past for slapping a woman, and his parents revealed to the media that he was drug addiction.

Mohit alias Sunny Singh

According to ThePrint, Mohit alias Sunny Singh, a native of Hamirpur, has a long criminal history with the earliest case against him dating back to 2016. He is identified as history-sheeter 281-A in Hamirpur police records, which reveal that Singh has 14 cases registered against him at Kurara police station in the district.

Arun Maurya

A police team arrived at Katarwadi village in Kasganj to investigate Arun Maurya, the third assailant in the case who resides there under the jurisdiction of the Soron police station. Arun Maurya has no prior criminal record tied to the Soron police station limits where his village is located.

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