UP Panchayat elections: a major setback to BJP in Ayodhya, Kashi, Mathura

The results of the panchayat elections held in Uttar Pradesh have arrived and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party BJP has suffered a major setback in Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura.

In Ayodhya, which is called the city of Ram, the ruling BJP has received a setback.

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BJP has got only 8 seats in Ayodhya’s 40 district panchayat seats. At the same time, the opposition party Samajwadi Party claims that 22 candidates supporting it have succeeded in winning the seats of the district panchayat. Bahujan Samaj Party says that it has won four seats in the Ayodhya district panchayat.

In Varanasi, only 8 out of 40 seats could come to BJP’s account. SP got 14 seats and BSP got 5 seats.

In Mathura, Mayawati’s party BSP got 12 seats and Ajit Singh’s Rashtriya Lok Dal got 9 seats. BJP got 8 seats in its account. SP got only one seat.

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The BJP claims that it has succeeded in the entire state, while the Ayodhya unit of the party says that it has not been able to achieve the expected success.

BJP district president Diwakar Singh told news agency PTI, “The results are disappointing. Despite being a BJP MLA in every assembly seat in Ayodhya district, we have managed to win only 8 out of 40 district panchayat seats.”

The results have also been bad in BJP’s Sohawal sub-district. This is the same place where five acres of land has been given for the mosque after the Supreme Court’s 2019 verdict in the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute.

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The Samajwadi Party claims that it has won three of the four district panchayat seats here and an independent candidate has won.

Commenting on the results, SP leader Awadhesh Prasad says that people in rural areas have a lot of complaints with the BJP government. He said that the problem of stray animals is very large due to which many farmers have even committed suicide.

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