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Ujjain: Muslim Man Travelling with Hindu friend forcibly taken off train

Muslim man travelling with Hindu woman deboarded from train in MP

Ground Report | New Delhi: Muslim man travelling with Hindu; A Muslim man and a married Hindu woman were forcibly removed from the Ajmer-bound train by members of the Bajrang Dal and handed over to the Railway Police in Ujjain. Bajrang Dal members have accused the Muslim man of ‘love jihad’.

According to the report of Indian Express, the man was attacked by men from Bajrang Dal and forcibly removed from the train. Both the passenger and his family friends in Indore were questioned by the Railway Police and both were held at the police station until their parents arrived. Both were released after recording their statements.

Muslim Man Travelling with Hindu

The GRP has not registered any case against Bajrang Dal members. This incident is from January 14th. The Muslim man has been identified as Asif Sheikh.

Asif is the owner of a small electronics store while the woman is a school teacher. A video of this incident is going very viral on social media. Three Bajrang Dal members are seen forcibly disembarking Asif from the train. Bajrang Dal members are taking Asif to the police station and the woman is chasing them.

Another video is from inside the police station where the woman cries and tells the Bajrang Dal members that one mistake of theirs may ruin her life. ”I am an adult. I am a teacher and I teach children.” A member of the Bajrang Dal, identified as Pintu Kaushal, tells the woman: “I am not talking to you.”

GPR SP Nivedita Gupta said Asif and the woman are family friends and have known each other for years. Gupta said, “Bajrang Dal members took him to the police station and charged him with ‘love jihad’. We recorded his statement. Both of them are adults and there was no crime here so they were released.”

Bajrang Dal

Nivedita Gupta said, “No case has been recorded against Bajrang Dal members. We are not aware of him misbehaving towards her. When they took Asif and the woman to the police station, even then neither of them said such a thing. When he did not file any complaint against the people of Bajrang Dal, no case was recorded.

Bajrang Dal is the student wing of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Kundan Chandravat, campaign manager for VHP in Malwa province, said: “We received news from reliable sources that a Hindu woman is being tricked and taken away by a Muslim man. Our workers intervened due to the safety of the Hindu sisters.

During this, the person became aggressive, they took him to the nearby police station, during this there was an altercation between that person and our workers, but no one has been killed, our workers turned themselves into the police and left. (Muslim man travelling with Hindu)

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