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Two-thirds of people worldwide want to work from home after Covid-19

Two-thirds of people

Ground Report | New Delhi: Two-thirds of people; The pandemic has changed the world of work, making work from home the norm rather than the exception. According to a new global survey, two-thirds, or 66%, of workers globally want to work flexibly once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. As more and more offices ask employees to resume work in person, people are looking for more flexible or hybrid work models.

The survey, commissioned by the World Economic Forum, looked at 12,500 people from 29 countries and noted “pre-pandemic” life disabilities. For example, about 66% of people said that employers should be more flexible with their approach. Support for this idea was strongest among women, adults under 35, and those with high levels of education and income.

Interestingly, the idea of ​​a flexible option involves working from home on an average of 2.5 days a week. From people surveyed in India, the desired hybrid model was 3.4 days of work from home. Specifically, about 30% of people said they would consider changing their jobs if they were forced to go back to the office. From eliminating time spent on commuting to feeling more productive and creative at home, or even finding a remote work set-up more inclusive for neurodivergent people, the benefits of such models are well known.

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The majority (66%) said employers should be allowed to work more flexibly in the future. Support for greater flexibility was strongest among women, parents of school-age children, adults under 35, and those with higher levels of education and income.

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Two-thirds of people

The percentage seeking more flexible work was roughly the same among children under 17 (68%) and those without children (63%). But not everyone involved in the survey wanted to work from home all the time.

The survey highlights changes in remote working due to COVID-19. Before the pandemic 53% said they mostly or always worked in an office. At the time of the survey conducted between May 21 and June 4, 2021, this figure had come down to 39 percent.

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The extent to which people are working mostly or entirely from home varies from at least half of those surveyed in South America, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa to 21% in Russia and just 15% in China.

Before the pandemic, less than a quarter (24%) of people worldwide mostly worked from home. Today this has risen to about two-fifths (39%), and 22% are working outside their homes, but not in the office. Three quarters (76%) are now working from home, saying it is a result of COVID-19.

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