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Home ยป Two drones were seen near Military area in Jammu at midnight

Two drones were seen near Military area in Jammu at midnight

Two drones were seen near Military areas in Jammu at midnight

Ground Report | New Delhi: Two drones were seen; The Indian Army has issued a statement saying that it has recorded the movements of two drones on the intervening night of June 27 and 28, after two explosions at the Air Force Station in Jammu at around 2 pm on Monday night.

Army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Devender Anand has issued a statement that the Indian Army recorded this activity in Ratnuchak-Kaluchak Military Area and after this, the security forces were warned.

Immediately after the high alert was announced, the Quick Reaction Team opened fire. The army has said that both the drones blew up after the firing and being alert, the security forces thwarted the major threat.

It is further told that the security forces are on high alert and the search operation is going on.

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At the same time, two explosions took place in the Air Force Station of Jammu late Sunday night. The Jammu and Kashmir Police has registered this case under the sections of terrorism.

Also, DGP Dilbag Singh has described the two blasts as ‘terrorist attacks’. According to DGP Singh, the police, air force and other agencies are investigating it.

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Earlier, the Indian Air Force had informed about the blasts in the technical area of ​​Jammu Air Force Station. (Two drones were seen)

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The Air Force had informed on Twitter, “Two low-intensity blasts occurred in the technical area of ​​Jammu Air Force Station on Sunday morning. One blast caused damage to the roof of a building while the other exploded in an open space.”

According to many media reports, it is being told as the first drone attack in India. However, a detailed investigation is yet to be done on this.

There is no statement on this from the Indian Army or Air Force yet. But Jammu and Kashmir Police chief Dilbagh Singh has said that the police have “thwarted another attack”.

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