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Top 10 most loved and regretted college degrees

Top 10 most regretted college degrees

In a survey by job recruiter ZipRecruiter of more than 1,500 college graduates looking for work, 10 titles topped the rankings, with Journalism topping the list.

The journalism degree has topped the rankings with 87% and some job seekers find the choice bad for their careers.

The 10 most regretted college degrees

  • Journalism 87%,
  • Sociology 72%,
  • Liberal Arts/General Studies 72%,
  • Communication 64%,
  • Education 61%,
  • Marketing Management Research 60%.
  • Medical or Clinical Assisting-58%,
  • Political Science-56%,
  • Biology-52%,
  • English Literature and Language-52%,

The 10 most regret-free college degrees

  • Computer and information sciences 72 per cent
  • Criminology-72%,
  • Engineering-71%,
  • Nursing-69%,
  • Health-67%,
  • Business administration and management-66%,
  • Finance-66%,
  • Psychology-65%,
  • Construction Trades-65%,
  • Human Resource Management- 58%.

What did the survey find?

  1. 44% of all current job seekers with college degrees in the US regret their college major choice.
  1. The happiest graduates have majored in computer science and information science and criminology. 72% of the students in these groups would choose the same major again if they had to do it today.
  1. The next group of slightly happier graduates come from quantitative fields like engineering, health care, business, and finance, as these graduates are paid very well in the job market.
  1. The students who regret their careers the most are students who have studied journalism, sociology, and liberal arts.

Are graduate degrees important for jobs

Georgetown University recently released a ‘The College Payoff‘ report on education and the workforce that claims a bachelor’s degree is worth an average of $2.8 million over a lifetime, but many students and parents are now dubious about the value of a four-year career.

However, the report also found that there is wide variation in earnings by occupation, even among people with the same degree. For example, financial managers with a bachelor’s degree earn $3.1 million over their lifetime, while accountants and auditors with a bachelor’s degree earn $2.5 million. The difference in these two is not the degree but the occupation.

But, speaking in favour of degrees, earnings also vary within the same occupation based on educational level. For example, truckers with less than a high school diploma earn $1.3 million over their lifetime, compared to $1.5 million for truckers with a high school diploma. Elementary and secondary teachers with bachelor’s degrees earn $1.8 million over their lifetime, compared to $2.2 million for those with master’s degrees.

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