What are 10 severe threats in next 10 years we are going to face?

Global Risks Report 2022 : Climate action failure, extreme weather events, and biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse are the top three of the top 10 global risks by severity over the next 10 years in the annual Global Risks Perception Survey (GRPS).

Top 10 10 severe threats in Next 10 Years

  • climate action failure
  • Extreme weather
  • Biodiversity loss
  • social cohesion erosion
  • Livelihood crisis
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Human Environmental Damage
  • Natural Resourse crises
  • Debt Crises
  • Geoeconomic Confrontation

Societal risks make up a third of the global top 10. Societal cohesion erosion and livelihood crises completing the top five. Infectious diseases come lower down at number six.

Climate action failure is the most critical threat to the world. It has the highest potential to severely damage societies, economies and the planet.

Economic Stagnation

The pandemic and its economic consequences continue to stifle countries’ ability to control the virus and facilitate a sustainable recovery. Along with labour market imbalances, protectionist policies and widening disparities in education and skills, the economic fallout from the pandemic risks splitting the world into divergent trajectories.

Growing Insecurity

worsening impacts of climate change and political persecution will force millions to leave their homes in search of a better future.

Cyber Threats

Cybersecurity threats are growing—in 2020, malware and ransomware attacks increased by 358% and 435% respectively—and are outpacing societies’ ability to effectively prevent or respond to them. 


Vaccination and accelerated digitalization have enabled some countries to recover rapidly from the economic crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic, but many others are still struggling to avoid the worst consequences.

Hope for Better future

Global Risks Report 2022 includes lessons in resilience from the COVID-19 pandemic, advice for cooperation in space, greater cyber resilience and a more sequenced climate transition.

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