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15 Tips to Learn English: Say Goodbye to Your Language Barrier

Ground Report | New Delhi: 15 Tips to Learn English; Learning a new language is not an easy task. English as a language, in particular, can be challenging to learn. However, it does not have to be overwhelming or frustrating with the right approach and tips for learning English. Here are 15 helpful tips to help you on your journey of learning English

1. Set A Goal For Yourself

Setting goals will keep you motivated and make studying seem less of a chore, especially when you are learning English online or through books. Try setting small goals like improving your pronunciation or understanding idioms, and then set out to keep practising these skills until you master them. Next, try putting a goal of writing an essay or reading an entire chapter in your English textbook. You can use websites like Duolingo to track your progress and improve the difficulty level, so it’s challenging but not frustrating!

Choose Your Language Learning Method Wisely 

The first thing you will want to do is choose your language learning method wisely. Many resources can help when studying English, but not all materials are equal, just like every other subject. Some plans will work better than others for you, and it is up to you to find the method that works best. The most effective and widely used learning tool is Rosetta Stone. It focuses on teaching you how to speak English by immersing you in a virtual environment with real-world lessons rather than simply repeating words or phrases over and over again through separate study guides.

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Get A Head Start With Children’s Books

Children’s books are perfect for learning English online because they are written at an easy-to-understand level, not too complicated but not too simple either. They also contain short sentences with familiar words so you can learn new words and keep practising the ones you already know.

Practice Every Chance You Get

To learn English fluently, you will need to practice it as often as possible in real-life situations. It will help improve your English and show others that you are making an effort to learn the language and they should too! To find your favourite English learning website and start practising!

2. Find A Way To Pronounce Words Correctly       

While a native English speaker will have an easier time understanding you if you speak with an accent, there are certain common words that you should avoid saying incorrectly. These include:

·     “Sauce” instead of “source.”

·     There, They are and Their

·     Accept and Except 

·     Affect and Effect

·     Buy and By

Once you master the correct pronunciation of these words, you are ready to start speaking English like a native. You can practice by watching TV with subtitles, pausing when you hear one of these words, and repeating after it!

3. Learn From Movies 

Watch A Movie In English With Subtitles

Watching a movie in its original form is a great way to learn English and improve your language skills without the pressure of using a dictionary or grammar book all the time. You can also turn on subtitles if you are still having trouble understanding what is going on, but avoid them as much as possible!

If these are not available in your native language, try switching to English subtitles and pausing when you hear a word you do not understand. You will find that this allows you to know how English sounds, what the words mean, and even how to use them together.

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Watch Foreign Movies

The best way among is to learn a language is through movies from other countries. You may watch them with subtitles or without to improve your vocabulary and speaking skills while also learning common slang phrases a book or class cannot teach. Some ideas for foreign movies include:

  • German
  • French
  • Spanish

Netflix has a large selection of both English and non-English movies, so you will be able to find something that interests you while learning new vocabulary words.

Listen To Music That You Enjoy    

When you’re learning English online, it is essential to find some English language music that you like. This way, when you get new vocabulary words from songs or lyrics, you can test yourself using the context they were said.

4. Read Newspapers        

You can easily find newspapers online or even use an app on your phone to fact check any unfamiliar terms that you come across when reading the news. Reading is one of the best ways to increase your vocabulary.

Keep A Study Journal        

Reding a study journal is a great way to improve your language skills when learning English online. It helps you to keep track of all the activities that are helping you become fluent in English and can act as a personal reference for when you are trying to learn something new or challenging.

5. Stop Using Google Translate        

You might think that Google Translate is a quick and easy way to get the answer you need, but more often than not, it will give you literal translations that do not make sense in English. Not only does this show your language partner that you are still learning English, but if they type out an entire paragraph of non-stop slang, it can be confusing and exhausting for them to read.

6. Always Use A Dictionary To Look Up New Words     

Using a dictionary for word definition is an essential part of learning English. However, please do not rely on it alone. Dictionaries will give you the most commonly used definition of a word, which is not always the best choice in different situations. An idiom that native speakers use could have a completely different meaning from the dictionary’s definition. But using them correctly is essential if you want your language skill to improve over time.

7. Story Time!        

Reading an exciting story in English is not only a great way to learn English, but it’s also fun! You can find many stories written for teenagers or adults, or you can even check out some children’s books. If you want something more challenging, try reading the first few chapters of an English novel without using a dictionary.    

Podcasts are a better way to learn English online because they’re often short and to the point, which means you can listen to one in its entirety during your daily commute or while preparing food for your family. If you do not know where and how to start, try searching “learn English podcast” on YouTube or iTunes!

8. Memorize Common Vocabulary

Memorizing common vocabulary words will help you improve your language skills and become fluent in English. You don’t need to remember everything, just the most common terms you encounter in your studies.

9. Study Your Grammar        

Studying your grammar is one of the best ways to improve your language skills when learning English. It is not that necessary to be fluent in English to understand its grammatical structure, and it’s helpful to know if you are using the correct tense or conjugation when speaking or writing.

Try Not To Focus On Grammar                  

While learning English online or through books, try not to focus too much on grammar rules like word order and punctuation. Try to think about the bigger picture. For example, suppose you are studying an article. In that case, it might be more helpful to first think about the write-up and then focus on its grammar.

10. Join An Online Community        

Joining an online community of English language learners is a great way to improve your language skills when learning English online because you can ask questions, practice speaking, and read about how others are learning the language. You can even make friends who have similar goals!

Take A Class Online

There are many online classes that you can take when learning English online. They are a great way to improve your language skills and become more fluent in English, but be careful because some courses charge money or require you to subscribe to their website!    

Try Your Hand At Online Gaming                

Try playing games online with other players if you are looking for a new way to express yourself in English. You can also ask your friends who are fluent in English if they are willing to play with you so they can give you live feedback and help you continue improving your skills.

11. Meet Up With Other Native Speakers

Taking the time to meet up with other native speakers of English can be a huge confidence booster, especially if they are patient and willing to answer all your questions. You can practice speaking more comfortably and fluently as long as you are talking to fluent English speakers. It is essential, though, that they are willing to help you improve your skills rather than brush off any mistakes you might make.

12. Keep Listening        

Listening to English is one of the best ways to improve your language skills and understanding. Make sure you turn on closed captioning to pause and repeat words as needed but do not stop there. Try listening to different media types such as podcasts, TV shows, news broadcasts, or music online. You may connect your phone to the car so that you can listen to English on your way home from work.

13. Speak Out Loud        

Speaking out loud is an intelligent way to improve your language skills when learning English online because it forces you to communicate with proper pronunciation and intonation. Just make sure you are in a quiet place before trying this!

Write On Your Phone                  

Writing down the correct way to spell and say words helps your brain remember them more quickly than just looking at their translation or definition. Try registering on your phone even if a comment does not stump you. You will find it’s an easy way to practice writing English.

14. Don’t Be Afraid To Speak.

The biggest fear of people who are trying to learn English is speaking it. Thinking they do not want to embarrass themselves or make others feel uncomfortable by speaking too loudly, slowly, or with an accent. The truth is that everyone wants their native language to sound native and perfect, but while you are studying, it is ok to make some mistakes. Do not let fear hold you back from improving your English by speaking more often. One of the best ways to master a language is by actually using it!

15. Give Yourself A Break!

If you get frustrated with how quickly or slowly your progress is going, remember to have a break and do something else for a while. Learning English is more than just an academic subject; it’s about improving your whole life. So if you are feeling frustrated with how long it is taking you to improve your language skills, take some time to rejuvenate yourself before trying again.

Be Creative        

Learning English is a great time to be creative, and there are many ways you can do this. Learning English does not mean that you have to follow the rules strictly—you can add slang words or use English phrasing when writing. Just make sure you are still following the rules of grammar and spelling!


So, have you been trying to learn English on your own? You are not alone! That is why we created this blog post. We want to provide you with some of the best tips for learning English so that you can finally say goodbye to the language barrier and hello world. If these 15 tips are not enough for you or any other questions about improving your skills in a new language, feel free to contact our team.

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