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These are the highest earning players in football

Forbes magazine has released the list of highest-grossing football players in the year 2020. Lionel Messi leads the list of the highest earners in this list. One look at the 10 most expensive football players in the world.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi ranks first on the Forbes list. He has won the title of highest-grossing football player for the second time in a row. According to the Forbes list, Messi earned a total of $ 12.6 million in the year 2020. These make about 924 crores rupees. He earned $ 92 million as salary and $ 3.4 million from advertising and other agreements.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is at number two in the list of highest earning players. Juventus star striker Cristiano Ronaldo earned US $ 117 million in 2020 in terms of earnings. Not only is Ronaldo earning 45 million followers on social media. Ronaldo, popularly known as CR7, earned US $ 7 million as salary and $ 47 million as endorsement.


Neymar’s number comes in third place in Forbes list. He earned $ 9.6 million in the year 2020. The 28-year-old Brazilian striker earned $ 7.8 million in salary and signed an advertising deal of $ 18 million.

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Kylian Mbappé

Forward player from Paris Saint Germain Kylian Mbappé is fourth on the list. He earned $ 28 million in 2020 and $ 14 million in advertising contracts.

Mohamed Salah

Liverpool’s star player Mohammad Salah has secured the fifth place in terms of highest earning. He has earned $ 37 million. The 28-year-old player also has a big deal with a telecom company.

Paul pogba

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has finished sixth with an income of $ 3.4 million. Pogba’s contract with Manchester United is only until summer next year, although Manchester United have the option to extend him one more year.

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Antoine Griezmann

Barcelona forward player Antoine Griezmann comes in at number seven in terms of earnings. He is in seventh place in the list of world’s highest earners with $ 3.3 million.

Garth Bell

Real Madrid’s star players are at number eight with earnings of $ 29 million. In addition to the fees, they get US $ 6 million as advertising agreement.

Robert Lewandowski

Baryn Munich star Robert Lewandowski performed brilliantly for his German club this season. It was due to his performance that his club won the Bundesliga and the German Cup.

David de jia

Manchester United goalkeeper David D Jia is ranked 10th despite a poor season. He earned $ 299 million this year.

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