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Things in the house that can be detrimental to your mental state

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Home should be a comfortable and safe place to gain strength and restore resources. However, some things in your apartment’s interior and your home’s arrangement can have a destructive effect on your psyche.

We will discuss how the bed should be turned to the southwest, why a flower on the headboard is not feng shui, and what statuettes can attract money, health, and well-being into the house. You also won’t have to change your habits, like playing online slots andar bahar real money app in the evenings or jogging in the morning. It’s enough to get rid of a few things. 

We will tell you how the details of your interior can regularly irritate you and make you depressed. 

Things that have fallen into disrepair

How many pantyhose with cracks, ripped socks, and jackets could no dry cleaner save? Do you cherish like the apple of your eye cups with chips, fused plaid, and sweater that stretched after improper drying? Alas, it has all fallen into disrepair and only takes up unnecessary space in your apartment. Cluttering your home always hurts your psyche.

Stained furniture and a mess

Of course, you do not have to be adept at daily cleaning and are entirely entitled to a creative mess. However, in terms of psychology, the stains, dirt, and dust around reflect your soul’s chaos. Sometimes, by cleaning up, we put everything in its place and our heads.

Grim Subjects in Paintings

We understand you may adore heavy metal and punk rock so much that you passed the entire wall long ago with gloomy posters and posters. Perhaps you love black and noir cinema – and it was in this style that picked up pictures in your bedroom. But psychologists say that if you constantly see in front of you depressing and gloomy scenes, in a good mood, you will stay less and less.

Things with a lousy story

In a time of covids and closed borders, nothing could be more traumatic than last year’s magnet from Rome or Istanbul. No wonder – some things become natural triggers of memories that can hurt. The same function is performed by things of recently deceased loved ones, framed photos with an ex-husband, or a friend with whom you fought fiercely. So it’s best to get it all out of sight.

Things that make unpleasant noises

Some people can’t stand certain noises – like the rustle of a drying marker on paper or a child’s crayon on the chalkboard. So if this story is about you – buy your child pencils instead of felt-tip pens, and do not buy a mini-board. Toys with squeakers for your beloved dog are also better not to buy – otherwise, it may come to a nervous tic. And also, try to make sure that the faucets don’t leak and the doors don’t creak. Again, it is not too good for the psyche.

Luminous appliances

Nothing spoils your sleep like an annoying, blinking TV light or a charging phone. It has long been proven that all of these disrupt the average production of hormones when you fall asleep. So turn off all appliances when you sleep, and avoid flashing LED lights.

Things that collect dust

The interior design trend has been minimalism for several years – an ideology of large spaces with “air,” clean surfaces, simple colors, and uncomplicated geometry. Adepts of this style believe that only in this interior can a person truly relax. However, psychologists confirm that the abundance of small decorative objects on the shelves and mountains of soft toys on the sofas, which collect dust, create chaos.

Things that have to do with unfinished business

An easel with brushes, just in time to catch your eye, can spur you on to paint a picture of what you have not been engaged in a few years. Or sink you into an abyss of despair: no trace of inspiration left, life is passing by, and you’re no longer the same.

You’ll feel the same way when you glimpse the dozens of medals you received in teenage rhythmic gymnastics competitions – because you once gave it up. So it’s best to remove from your field of vision objects that tell you that you’ve failed to achieve something.

Too bright colors

Psychologists call this “sensory overstimulation” – when your eyes get tired of intrusive hues and flashy colors. Therefore, think several times before ordering a kitchen set in bright azure color.

Let the base: 

  • the walls; 
  • floor; 
  • furniture – be of calm colors, beige, white, gray. 

And with the textiles, you can experiment – add bright curtains, an accent carpet, interesting napkins, and towels. And when they’re boring – change them. Also, be careful with the black and red coloring – a permanent presence in such a space will depress you and cause anxiety.

A lot of mirrors

Even if you adore hanging around in front of the mirror, one mirror in the bedroom, hallway, and bathroom will be enough. Psychologists explain: our reflection always attracts attention and attracts the eye. The abundance of such distractions can provoke fatigue and neurosis.

Things in the house that can be detrimental to your mental state

Too much furniture

And here we are again about minimalism. It is best if your apartment has few cabinets, nightstands, shoe boxes, tables, and chairs – especially if you can’t boast a spacious living space. The apartment should be big and comfortable to move around – if you’re constantly bypassing the closet or bumping into a corner of the couch, your psyche will not “thank” you, and the brain will furiously produce cortisol – the hormone of stress and aggression.

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