Corona virus: Bad Effect on Mental Health

Questions were asked from people involved in the survey of local circles on the increasing cases of corona in India.

The survey found that people are feeling extremely stressed due to increasing cases of corona virus. People involved in the survey said that their mental health has been affected.

According to the survey, 61 percent people in the country are depressed, worried and angry.

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How India handled the second wave

On the question of India’s handling of the second wave of Corona, 45 percent of the people are of the opinion that the country did not handle it properly. 

People appeared annoyed by the government’s failure, while 45 percent said that the country is on the right path in handling covid.

What is the opinion on the experts

When asked by experts about the second wave of Corona to manage it, 61 per cent of the people involved in the survey were in a state of uncertainty.

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Falling prey to many diseases

It was found in the survey that during the Corona period, people are also getting serious illnesses related to sleeplessness, anger and anxiety.

More than 25 thousand people were asked questions in the survey. People from 324 districts of the country were questioned in the second wave of Corona. 65 percent of the respondents in the survey were men, while 35 percent were women.

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In response to a question aimed to understand the collective pulse of Indians on the current situation, out of the 8,141 responses received, 23 per cent said they were “anxious or worried”, 20 per cent said they were “upset and angry”, 10 per cent said they were “extremely angry”, 8 per cent said they were “depressed, gloomy or sad” and only 7 per cent said they were “calm or peaceful”. Meanwhile, 28 per cent said that they were “optimistic and hopeful”.

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