Unpaid female labour rise in India: Survey

Unpaid female labour rise in India

Ground Report | New Delhi: Unpaid female labour rise; The government’s 2019-2020 employment data, the rate of female participation in the unpaid labor sectors in India has increased. The Periodic Labor Force Survey (PLFS), which collected data between July 2019 and June 2020, found that the largest increase was in the category of unpaid family … Read more

Most men in Delhi, Mizoram are physically less active: Study

Most men in Delhi

Ground Report | New Delhi: Most men in Delhi; In India, more women are physically active than men. Similarly, this difference is also noticeable in rural and urban areas, where more men over 45 living in rural areas are more physically active than in cities. The research is published by the Longitudinal Aging Study in … Read more

How dangerous is it to work more than 55 hours a week?

Working long hours can lead to many health problems

Ground Report | New Delhi: Working more hours in a week is proving fatal for millions of people all over the world. Working more than 55 hours is causing heart disease and it is causing death, covid-19 has greatly changed the way many people work. Death threat WHO and International Labour Organization, working more than 55 … Read more