Climate Change: Why are Kargil Villages facing drought like situation?

Climate Change: Why Kargil Villages are facing like situation?

In Ladakh, most of the Kargil villages are suffering from a drought-like situation. Most villages rely on glacial or spring water for irrigation and drinking water needs, which have been affected by depleting glaciers and the drying of spring water. Kargil Villages facing drought The Union Territory Administration has been working to find alternative scientific … Read more

What will the water situation be in the world in 2050?

What will the water situation

Ground Report | New Delhi: What will the water situation; By 2050, in just 30 years, there will be around 7,594 million people who will inhabit the blue planet, misnamed Earth, because 70% of its surface is covered with water. However, the exponential growth of the world population that is expected will make water stress greater … Read more