Bloodiest day in Ukraine: 53 killed in one town including three kids

Bloodiest day in Ukraine: 53 killed in ONE town including three kids

Ground Report | New Delhi: Bloodiest day in Ukraine; The Russian invasion of Ukraine entered its 21st day on Thursday with Moscow yet to capture any of Ukraine’s largest cities despite the biggest assault on a European state since World War II. In the capital Kyiv, at least one person was killed and three injured … Read more

War in Ukraine: What’s behind Russia’s ‘Z’ symbol?

War in Ukraine: how 'Z' became a symbol of support for Russian forces

Ground Report | New Delhi: Z symbol Russia; Since February 24 and the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is a letter that has appeared here and there in the theatre of military operations. Many observers have seen this “Z” painted in white paint on Russian tanks entering Ukraine without being able to determine … Read more