Sundarban Tourist Spots: Why You Should Visit The Sundarbans National Park

sundarban national park tourism

The Sundarbans National Park is one of the world’s most amazing and untouched national parks. With over 1,200 sq km of mangrove forests, it’s no wonder this park has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you’re curious about wildlife or just want to escape the city for a day, our wildlife holiday packages … Read more

Sundarbans lost two lakh crores in 40 years due to climate change

Sundarbans lost two lakh crores in 40 years due to climate change

The ecologically crucial but fragile Sundarbans, spread across Bengal and Bangladesh, have suffered losses of more than Rs 2 lakh crore ($25 billion at current exchange rates) due to climate change over the past 40 years. According to the report by the international climate research agency ‘Zero Carbon Analytics’, the Sundarbans are home to 7.2 … Read more

सुंदरबन को बचाने के लिए मैंग्रोव गठबंधन में शामिल हुआ भारत

Mangrove climate alliance

Climate Kahani | मैंग्रोव वनों को दुनिया का “सबसे अधिक उत्पादक पारिस्थितिक तंत्र” करार देते हुए, भारत मंगलवार को मिस्र के शर्म अल-शेख में पार्टियों के सम्मेलन (COP27) के 27वें शिखर सम्मेलन में जलवायु के लिए मैंग्रोव गठबंधन (Mangrove alliance for Climate MAC) में शामिल हो गया। इस गठबंधन को यूएई,  इंडोनेशिया,  ऑस्ट्रेलिया,  जापान,  स्पेन और श्रीलंका का समर्थन … Read more

Climate Change and its Effects in West Bengal

Ground Report | New Delhi: Climate Change in West Bengal; It has to be accepted that climate change is a global phenomenon and is happening for real. Rising sea and temperature levels are proof of that. Increasing temperature levels is mainly caused due to increase in pollution levels resulting in an increase in the surface … Read more