10 Indian cities facing water scarcity in 2023

India's parched cities in 2023

The problem of water is not running out of water but it’s all about how to allocate a fixed resource. The country is staring at a grave due to the water crisis affecting human life. According to the Union Ministry of Agriculture, the groundwater level has fallen alarmingly from India’s looming water crisis. A Composite … Read more

52% households in rural India are getting tap water supply

52% households in rural India are getting tap water supply

India has covered on average 52 per cent of the rural households with access to tap water connections. As on 02.08.2022, out of 19.11 crore rural households in the country, about 9.93 crore (51.96 per cent) households are known to have a tap water supply.  Apart from this, according to the information given, out of … Read more

Water crisis in Delhi: Explained

Water crisis in Delhi: Explained

Water is a basic necessity of life. We all can survive without food for someday but we cannot live without water. The national capital Delhi is engulfed in a water crisis amid the scorching heat. On 12th May the water level in the Wazirabad pond water work came down from 674.50 feet to 669.40 feet … Read more

25% of world’s population lives with extreme water stress

More women than men in India; NFHS survey

Ground Report | New Delhi: 25% of world’s population; One in four people lives in countries where they live at the limit of their water resources, with consumption above 80% of the availability of water. Some Spanish regions are also close to what is now known as “Día Cero”, the day when the taps run … Read more

World Ocean Day 2021: Impact of human action on ocean

World Ocean Day is observed annually on 8 June to make people aware of the negative Impact of Human activities, such as garbage disposal, sewage, oil leaks from ships on the ocean. Ground Report | New Delhi: On the occasion of World Ocean Day on June 8, the United Nations (UN) has called for supportable … Read more

Water scarcity pushing people on brink as summer peaks in Kashmir

water scarcity Kashmir

Amid gun battles, and an ongoing fight against the coronavirus, Kashmir is facing another problem — water scarcity. Though drinking water pipelines have reached most of the households in the valley, people are still dependent on water from the public taps or in some extreme cases, long treks to natural streams. Wahid Bhat | Ganderbal … Read more