List of Fire Incidents at Rohingya Refugee Camps worldwide

Fire incidents at rohingya camps worldwide

Fire At Rohingya Refugee Camps | Ground Report | News Desk| Thousands of refugees rendered homeless after a fire broke out at a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh on sunday. According to officials, more than 5 thousand people lost their shelter due to this fire. About 1200 houses made of bamboo and tarpaulin burnt to … Read more

UP clears Rohingya camp on its land after fire displaces refugees

UP clears Rohingya camp

Ground Report | New Delhi: UP clears Rohingya camp; The Uttar Pradesh government on Thursday evicted 16 Rohingya families living near Delhi’s Madanpur Khadar area, saying the land belonged to the Uttar Pradesh Irrigation Department. He cleared part of the refugee camp as part of his “anti-encroachment” campaign to remove any illegal structures, including the … Read more