How climate change affects people living in poverty?

One person dies of hunger every 48 seconds in East Africa

All over the world, people are experiencing the subtle and severe effects of climate change. According to reports published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), “an increase of 2°C would have a major impact on human health, food and safety.” However, this is a situation that we are already experiencing and that is pushing many people to experience … Read more

Global Inequality Rises: How new Billionaires create poverty to get rich?

How many new billionaires are created every hour?

During the pandemic a new billionaire was created every 30 hours; for each of them, at almost the same rate, a million people could fall into extreme poverty in 2022. New billionaires created every 30 hours The report, called “Profiting from pain“, was released within the context of the Davos Forum in Switzerland, which brings … Read more

270 million living below poverty line in India: Govt in Lok Sabha

Why millions of people die Every Year Due To Poor Diet in India?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Poverty in India; Union Minister Rao Inderjit Singh in a written statement to the Rajya Sabha has stated that 270 million Indians were living below the poverty line in India in 2011-12. The poverty line was defined based on the Monthly Per Capita Consumption Expenditure (MPCE) as a criterion. The … Read more

The Extreme Inequality in India, what’s the real story?

Why millions of people die Every Year Due To Poor Diet in India?

Ground Report | New Delhi: The Extreme Inequality in India; The World Inequality Report states that the top one percent of the population in India accounts for a fifth of the total national income in 2021, while the bottom half accounts for just 13.1 percent. The report has claimed that India stands apart in terms … Read more