People leaving Russia in Panic after threat from Putin

People leaving Russia in Panic after threat from Putin

Large numbers of Russians rushed to book one-way tickets out of the country while they still could on Wednesday after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization of military reservists for the war in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin speech Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a televised speech on September 21 in which he announced the … Read more

What is Cancel Culture, know about the toxic online trend

What is Cancel Culture, know about the toxic online trend

Ground Report | New Delhi: Cancel Culture; JK Rowling has responded to Vladimir Putin after the Russian president quoted her in a wide-ranging speech criticizing “cancel culture”. In a televised meeting on Friday, Putin compared recent criticism of the Harry Potter author to that faced by pro-war Russian composers and writers. In response, Ms Rowling … Read more

Why Putin ordered to kill defectors of his Army in Ukraine?

Russia will emerge weaker from Ukraine conflict: US

Ground Report | New Delhi: Putin kill defectors; More than a dozen Russian Spetsnaz fighters have been killed in Mariupol as President Putin’s devastating assault on the strategic port continues to meet with fierce Ukrainian resistance. Ukrainian security services say prisoners have told them their forces are followed by “execution squads” with orders to kill … Read more

Putin’s media mouthpieces operating in the US facing backlash

Why Putin wants ‘Korean scenario’ for Ukraine?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Putin media mouthpieces; Far-right One America News Network said in a lawsuit that DirecTV’s decision to no longer offer its channel is part of an “extremely well-funded political plan” to silence the network. The lawsuit, filed this week in California’s Superior Court in San Diego, accuses television provider DirecTV and … Read more

Who Is Putin’s ‘Girlfriend’ Alina Kabaeva, Russia’s ‘Secret First Lady?

Who Is Putin's 'Girlfriend' Alina Kabaeva, Russia's 'Secret First Lady?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Who is Putin lover Alina; Former Russian gymnast and politician Alina Kabaeva, named as the lover of the country’s President Vladimir Putin, is allegedly hiding in Switzerland with her four children, US website Page Six reported. “While Putin carries out his attack on Ukraine, attacking innocent citizens and causing a … Read more