Why has pollution in Mumbai increased suddenly?

Meghalaya's Byrnihat most polluted hotspot last week: CPCB Data

Mumbai’s air wire is getting damaged. There is a possibility of an increase in diseases due to dust particles in the atmosphere of Mumbai. The air quality in Mumbai has become even worse than that of Delhi. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean on three sides and separated from the mainland by Thane Creek and Harbor … Read more

How decades of air pollution weakening our immune system?

How decades of air pollution weakening our immune system?

Environmental pollution affects our health, weakening our defenses, as well as our respiratory system. Our immune system is in charge of protecting us from any external element that can cause us a disease, infection or problem. It is our natural protective barrier, which is why it is so important that it is strong and cared … Read more

How much Air Pollution do cars really cause?

How much Air Pollution do cars really cause?

The pollution caused by the use of vehicles has been on the lips of all politicians for a long time. The carbon dioxide emissions that cars release into the atmosphere and into the air we breathe are truly alarming; This is without counting the rest of the gases that they emit and that are harmful … Read more

Poor air quality is punished by heat and fires 

Chile forest fires claim 22 lives so far, spreads amid heat wave

The increase in heat waves, and the greater number of forest fires they cause, will increasingly worsen air quality, damaging human health and ecosystems, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warned on Wednesday 7. Air we breathe is polluted For Petteri Taalas, Secretary General of the WMO, “this is a preview of the future, since a greater increase … Read more

New Delhi most polluted city in the World

Delhi Pollution memes take over Twitter

Did you know that there are cities where breathing can harm you? Air pollution affects everyone, however, there are different levels of air pollution. Therefore, it would not be unusual to ask about the quality of the air, since being very dirty could cause negative effects on health. The report, using data from 2010 to … Read more

Delhi most polluted capital, 35 Indian cities in top 50

Delhi most polluted capital, 35 Indian cities in top 50

Ground Report | New Delhi: Most polluted capital; New Delhi and Bangladesh topped the list of capitals and countries with the worst air quality in 2021 for another year, according to the latest annual air pollution report published by the Swiss IQAir, a position that they have not abandoned in the last four years, amid … Read more

India struggling with international pressure on pollution

India has again said that Europe, China and America will have to bear the cost of their efforts to stop the rising temperature of the earth. India has held these three powers responsible for ruining the climate in the last century. Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said during a conference in New Delhi on Wednesday 15 April … Read more

Breathing difficult in Delhi, air pollution reaches dangerous level

Due to the smoke generated due to burning stubble and firecrackers, air pollution reached dangerous levels in many places in the capital Delhi on Saturday evening. On the occasion of Diwali in Delhi, the sale of firecrackers and burning of firecrackers was banned, but it was violated on Saturday evening and people burnt firecrackers till … Read more

Life in polluted areas has more risk from Corona: Study

It is worth noting that the pollution level in many cities in India is in severe category. A study by Xiao Wu and Rachel C. Netheri of Harvard University’s Department of Biostatistics, revealed that people living in such areas are at high risk of death. Ground Report, Wahid Bhat: Study conducted by Harvard University raises … Read more