#Explained: Advancing treeline in Himalayas and its consequences

Treeline in Himalayas and CLimate change

Treeline in Himalayas: Tree-line is the highest altitude in which a tree can grow. Beyond the treeline, plants can’t grow because of the environmental condition. This usually due to cold temperature, regular snow. The treeline is approximately 300 to 1000 metres below the snow line. As we go higher in the altitude we can see … Read more

Himalayan Floods: beginning of inevitable catastrophe

Himalayan floods

The memories of the 2013 Uttarakhand disaster are fresh in minds of everyone. Sings of destruction can be still seen in Kedarnath to date which resulted in the loss of more than 6000 lives. Landslides and cloud bursts are very common in the Himalayan region but floods aren’t. These days we can hear a lot … Read more