Why is pollution so bad in Meghalaya’s Byrnihat?

Byrnihat meghalaya pollution reason

According to CPCB, Byrnihat has been facing severe pollution for the last few days. Last week, the air quality index went to and fro from ‘very poor’ to ‘severe’ with PM2.5 levels ranging from 365-414. Central Pollution Control Board, CPCB, warns of respiratory illness on prolonged exposure, affecting healthy people and seriously impacting those with … Read more

Meghalaya’s Byrnihat most polluted hotspot last week: CPCB Data

Meghalaya's Byrnihat most polluted hotspot last week: CPCB Data

Byrnihat in Meghalaya was the most polluted hotspot last week with cities from Assam also joining the list, according to the latest data from Central Pollution Control Board. The levels for the 10 most polluted cities remain significantly higher than the CPCB’s daily safe limits of 60 ug/m3 for PM 2.5. While Byrnihat is at … Read more