Climate’s Impact on Jammu: Livelihoods vulnerable in districts

Climate's Impact on Jammu: Livelihoods vulnerable in districts

In a recent research article published in the renowned international journal GeoJournal, Dr. Mohammad Sarfaraz Asgher and his team from Jammu University’s Department of Geography shed light on the significant vulnerability of the hill towns of Kishtwar and Ramban to climate change. The paper titled “Assessing the vulnerability of livelihoods to climate variability in the … Read more

Jammu Tourism: ‘Kishtwar – Land of Kashtavata’

Jammu Tourism

Ground Report | Jammu: Jammu Tourism; Directorate of Tourism, Jammu held its first-ever webinar to unveil the tourism potential in Kishtwar, anciently known as Kashtavata, and presently the biggest district in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Titled as ‘Tourism Potential in Kishtwar’, the webinar discussed the high degree of natural beauty and unique … Read more