Air Pollution poses health risk for kidney function: Study

Cleaning air in South Asia: researchers propose innovative strategies

A recent study suggests that exposure to air pollution may increase the risk of first hospital admissions for acute kidney injury (AKI). Even at low concentrations, long-term exposure to air pollutants such as fine particles, ozone, and nitrogen dioxide can contribute to AKI and subsequent hospitalization. The study was published in the journal Environmental Health … Read more

KIDNEY FOR SALE! But, not to buy an iPhone

Ground Report | New Delhi: KIDNEY FOR SALE; In the capital city of Delhi, the Dilwalon ki Dilli, a man is putting his ‘Kidney for sale’ by sticking black-and-white A4 posters outside numerous hospital walls. While speaking to, Milan Kainey, emotionally mentions, it is for the treatment of his child’s illness. The 28-year-old Milan … Read more