Fire, floods, extreme heat: climate disasters ravage the world

Climate Change will fuel Humanitarian Crisis in 2023

Countries are so behind in reducing their fossil fuel emissions that they can no longer prevent global warming from intensifying in the next 30 years, though there is still a short window to avoid a more harrowing future according to a major scientific report. World of Change: Weather Events Humans have already warmed the planet … Read more

Climate Change Is ‘Healthy for Us’ says Marjorie Taylor Greene

Critically Analysing Indian Soap Operas

Marjorie Taylor Greene has admitted that she thinks maybe Climate Change (global warming) isn’t such a bad thing, as ‘global warming’ and ‘carbon’ are actually ‘healthy’ for us. Appearing on RSBN, the politician defended raising temperatures by one degree. Climate Change is healthy “Since then, we’ve grown more food that feeds people,” she said. “It … Read more

What future awaits water? These are the water keys of the IPCC

10 Indian cities facing water scarcity

Ground Report | New Delhi: What future awaits water; Volcanic activity, orbital cycles, solar radiation, there are many natural factors that can influence the terrestrial climate system, but none of them could be defined as the main author of the climate crime that our planet is experiencing. To find the person responsible for this atrocity, … Read more

Big volcano may erupt in this century: IPCC report

Big volcano may erupt

Ground Report | New Delhi: Big volcano may erupt; The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has warned of the danger of climate change, saying that a major volcanic eruption could happen in this century. This eruption will reduce the temperature of the Earth’s surface globally for one to three years. At the same time, it will also … Read more

IPCC report on Climate: “most serious warning ever issued”

Climate change will bring global tension

Ground Report | New Delhi: IPCC report on Climate; On August 9, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will release its most comprehensive report on the science of climate change since 2013. It will be the first of four reports to be published in the framework of the last IPCC assessment cycle, the following … Read more