Love Story: How Iqra became Ishiqa to marry Rahul in Mandsaur?

Iqra to Ishika for Rahul

These days a story is becoming quite viral that the daughter of Khadim of Ajmer Dargah has married a Hindu boy. How did Iqra become Ishika? Actually this news is misleading, the girl who became Ishika from Iqra has no relation with Ajmer. Let’s know what is the reality. Interfaith marriage between Iqra and Rahul … Read more

How marriage in close relations causing genetic diseases in children

How marriage in close relations causing genetic diseases in children

Ground Report | New Delhi: Marriage in close relations; In many countries marrying with close relations is a tradition. Muslim community where marry with his close relation like first relation and also second relation. In North Africa, the Middle East and West Asia are  Consanguineous marriages. Where highly Consanguineous marriages are seen in Pakistan, Turkey, … Read more

Explained: How interfaith marriages affect Indian society?

Protest against raising age of marriage of girls; what's the whole story

Many studies had revealed that interfaith marriages have a limited impact on society at large SANJANA TIWARI Ground Report | New Delhi: Interfaith marriages Indian society The cases come in concern by an advertisement aired by TATA-owned company Tanishq and in this advertisement, they are promoting love jihad. But the Tanishq finally withdrew the advertisement … Read more