Indian leaders worry about their image, not oxygen: Human Rights Watch

मोदी सरकार की 10 गलतियां जिनसे कोरोना बन गया प्रलय

Meenakshi Ganguly, South Asia director of Human Rights Watch, said leaders in India facing the Corona epidemic are concerned about their criticism and image rather than the lack of oxygen and other medical supplies. She said that the people or non-governmental organizations in India are trying to help the corona patients, there is no shortage … Read more

Human Rights Watch report exposes anti-Muslim sentiment of BJP govt

One year of Delhi violence, anti-Muslim bias affecting investigation The BJP-led government has deliberately discriminated against Muslims, according to a report by Human Rights Watch. In addition to discriminating against Muslims, the government has adopted laws and policies to harass critics of the government, Human Rights Watch said. The report also said that the ruling … Read more