ICHR rewriting India’s history with a “geocultural” perspective

ICHR rewriting India's history with a “geocultural” perspective

The Indian Council for Historical Research (IACHR) in November launched the ‘Complete History of India’ project to ‘rewrite’ the history of India from the time of the Indus Valley civilization to the present day. Local language sources and records will be used to rewrite history. The project titled ‘Complete History of India’ will run around … Read more

Why Udham Singh blocked from Oscar-awards?

Why Udham Singh blocked from Oscar-awards

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Udham Singh blocked from Oscar-awards; Vicky Kaushal’s film ‘Sardar Udham Singh’ has been dropped for Oscar entry. Sardar Udham Singh biopic starring Vicky Kaushal was released on 16 October on Amazon Prime Video. Why Udham Singh blocked from Oscar-awards As the 94th edition of the Academy Awards is set … Read more

Indian hockey team creates history by winning bronze medal

Ground Report | New Delhi: Indian hockey team creates history; The Indian men’s hockey team has created history by winning a medal in the Olympics after 41 years. The Indian team defeated Germany 5-4 in the Tokyo Olympics to win the bronze medal. India won the last gold medal in Olympic hockey in 1980 in … Read more

What is the most expensive video game in history?

What is the most expensive video game

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is the most expensive video game; In recent years, classic video games and consoles have risen in value exponentially, because they are increasingly scarce and many people are taking advantage of adulthood to buy what was not possible during their childhood or adolescence. However, there is another level of … Read more

History of LGBTQIA+ community in India through the lens of literary works

History of LGBTQIA+ community in India

Ground Report | New Delhi: History of LGBTQIA+ community; The existence of the LGBTQIA+ community in India, opposition to them, and their acceptance- all have a long history. Religious beliefs, laws and common social practices of each era moulded the societal perception towards the queer community. Historical literature shows that at different points in time, … Read more

These 10 temples are witnesses of history

There are many temples around the world which are evidence of mythological architecture and culture. Some of these Hindu and Buddhist temples are outside India. Temple of the Dead, Egypt This temple of the dead was built in Egypt around 1300 BC. Here bodies were kept, which were offered to the mythological deity Amun. ALSO READ: … Read more