Adani’s second major business deal failed after Hindenburg Report

What is Adani Group's North Korea connection?

The Adani Group, led by Indian businessman Gautam Adani, failed to succeed in buying energy sector company DB Power for Rs 7,017 crore on Wednesday. According to the Times of India report, Adani Power, an Adani Group company, signed the documents related to the purchase of this company on August 18 last year. The deal … Read more

Why Adani Group’s tender worth thousands crores cancelled by Yogi Govt?

What is Adani Group's North Korea connection?

The Adani group, which has been facing challenges on the stock market for ten days, has received a heavy blow from the Uttar Pradesh government. On January 24, after the American Forensic Financial Company Hindenburg made allegations related to financial irregularities in the Adani Group, the shares of its companies are continuously falling. According to … Read more

Hindenburg reply to Adani: What has happened so far?

Meet six members of committee to investigate Adani-Hindenburg case

The Hindenburg Research responded to the Adani Group’s rebuttal of its accusations, calling it an “attempt to obfuscate by nationalism.” “The Adani Group has not even attempted to clarify its relationship with a Chinese national (Chang Chung-Ling), despite a plethora of ties,” the response added. In its latest statement, the short seller said the Adani … Read more