5 billions people at risk from trans fats, leading to heart disease

Flu may increase heart attack risk sixfold: study

The goal of ending industrial trans fats is far from being achieved and 5 billion consumers worldwide are still exposed to these toxic substances, the WHO warned. The World Health Organization (WHO) set a goal in 2018 to eliminate these trans fatty acids from the world’s diet by 2023. In a report published, the organization … Read more

Female and male hearts respond differently to stress: study

Female and male hearts respond differently to stress

Male and female hearts react differently to the stress hormone norepinephrine, according to a recent study published in Science Advances. The mouse study may have implications for human heart disorders such as arrhythmias and heart failure and how the different sexes respond to drugs. According to the specialists, the research carried out in mice may … Read more

Pig Heart Successfully Transplanted to Man; what’s the whole story

Pig Heart Successfully Transplanted to Man; what's the whole story

Ground Report | New Delhi: Pig Heart Transplanted to Man; A 57-year-old man received the heart of a genetically modified pig after a transplant carried out in Baltimore, located in the state of Maryland (United States). Pig Heart Transplanted to Man As reported by The New York Times, a man named David Bennett suffered from … Read more